Meet Your Cohort Coach

Hello!  I'm Elvery Tinsley a therapist and relationship coach.  I've been married to my husband, Antoine since 1998. We married at the ages of 18 and 20, the reality of marriage hit us in the face REAL hard! We realized early on that we needed HELP and did nothing about it until we were on the brink of a divorce. 

If you can imagine, it hasn't been easy but all worth it! 

We knew that there was more to marriage than what we were experiencing! We thought that love was enough. We stayed true to our faith in GOD that he would bring us through but we felt that wasn’t enough at times, if I'm keeping it REAL! As you get to know me I WILL KEEP IT REAL!!!

After fighting our way off of the emotional rollercoaster and deciding to take divorce off the table. We decided that we were either going to be all in or just call it quits. So we chose to go all in, went to therapy, learned and gained skills to fight for our marriage. This empowered us to work as a team and push the limits in order to WIN in our marriage.

Using the signature framework I created Building Bridges to Forever™️ I will walk you through how to to create the relationship you desire YOUR WAY not my way! 

We've made ALL the mistakes so you don't have to, learn from our mistakes and join the Marriage Masters Academy today.

Looking forward to meeting you at the next cohort.