Cohort Details 

  • Each cohort meets 1 DAY for 8 hours in person or virtual.
  • Virtual cohorts will receive academy packet before cohort begins. In Person the academy packet will be given upon arrival. 
  • We will break for lunch (snacks provided when in person)
  • Receive A Marriage Masters Certificate upon completion
  • You will receive one follow up 45 minute coaching call after completion to check in  
  • Registration ends the Monday before the Cohort begins in order to allow time for you to complete the registration process. 

Next Cohort Begins 

August 10th - register by August 5th 

Cost: $600 (valued at $1300)

 payment plans available

To achieve the outcomes that our academy provides you would spend thousands of dollars in therapy. 

This is an alternative and affordable option to get to the root of your struggles and back to living and loving your life together without spending months and thousands in therapy.   

I'm a therapist so I know what I'm talking about! 

What's Covered In The Academy: 

Reimagining Love and Your Spouse

You will have some aha moments and gain understanding of attachment styles and get clear on your attachment strategy and how it affects the way you show up in the relationship. We will also gain awareness about the cause of conflict in your marriage. 

Making Over Your Marriage Mindset 

You will get a close look at what is fueling the disconnection, gain some core listening and validation skills, discover how to shift your mindset from an insecure strategy to a secure strategy, learn how to navigate the challenges and view them as opportunities not threats. 

The Path To Greater Harmony

You will create new ways  to build connection by understanding the path to deescalate conflict while you're knee deep in a disagreement.  You will also understand how to bounce back after a blow up to build a sense of safety and emotional connection. 

How to Keep Your Love Alive 

Leave the academy with your action of loving each other as a  continuous process.  You will gain strategies to find connection again as it comes and goes. You will learn how to be intentional and deliberate about building your love story to have the relationship you desire now and in the future. 

Is this for you?

It is For You if:

  • You're ready for a transformative solution right now that will take months to receive in therapy
  • You're ready to tackle the negative patterns that's keeping you disconnected
  • You're open to learning and growth as a couple 
  • You're ready to invest in having a secure and fulfilled marriage

It is Not For You if:

  • You have already decided you're done trying
  • You think your spouse/partner is always the problem, not you
  • You're not ready to challenge yourself to grow
  • You're not willing to put in the effort to make changes
  • You don't value investing in your relationship
  • You're complacent with staying in the same patterns and disconnected cycles

Got Questions? We Have Answers...

What should I expect from the academy? 

You can expect to gain insight quickly into what has been causing disconnection in your marriage and walk away with an action plan to have a secure and healthy marriage.  

The problems in my marriage feel so big and I’m worried that others in the academy will judge me.

We prioritize and value creating a judge-free confidential zone which is why everyone takes the academy pledge BEFORE they enter the academy cohort.  

We don't accept perfect people we all have room for growth! 

Can I join the academy and participate by myself if my partner doesn't want to? 

Unfortunately this is for couples. This is a hands on experience where both parties must be present. 

We have a Marriage Masters Membership where you can join by yourself. We do believe you can influence your spouse by applying the things you learn and gain from the workshops. Someone has to be the MVP for your relationship and if that has to be you. Join us! 

You will receive tools and resources to breathe new life in your relationship. Take the tools and resources you're learning back to your spouse and implement with them. Where else are you getting tools and resources to build your secure relationship? Chances are if they don't want to participate in membership with you they aren't interested in going to couples counseling or therapy either. 

What if we are not satisfied after the academy? 

Although the academy is NON REFUNDABLE,  we are confident in the resources and value provided during the academy so if you aren't happy we'd love to hear from you to learn the reason why. Send us an email to 

I have more questions, who do I contact?

You can send an email to or send a message via inbox on Facebook or Instagram @loveminuslimitsllc.