Marriage Masters Academy

Nobody wants to be married and miserable!  You deserve to feel seen, heard, appreciated, and understood in your marriage! 

Time To Take Your POWER Back! 

Join our membership community where we will give you practical strategies and solutions to transform your marriage that can be implemented right away! 

We open the doors to join our academy quarterly, join the waitlist to be notified when they open! You just might receive bonuses and surprises while waiting! 

Membership Includes: 

24/7 Access to Members ONLY Private FB Group value **priceless**

Member Only Digital Download Library w/e-books, monthly date night ideas, conversation starters, and MUCH MORE! **$2000 value**

On Demand Courses & Video Lessons w/Action Steps to implement **$2500**

Monthly Masterclass w/Relatable Topics (led by coaches, therapist, industry professionals, etc.) **$197 value**

Quarterly Group Virtual Date Nights (no cost to low cost) **priceless**

Quarterly 1:1 Check in with Academy Coaches **$190 value**

Women's Only & Men's Only Virtual Meet Ups **priceless**

Meetups & Getaways (additional cost) 

**Total Academy Value over $5000**


Joining our academy takes the GUESSWORK out of having a Happy & Healthy Marriage!

You Will Experience: 

Less Stress

 Enjoy your time together

     Have better clarity

     Refreshed mindset

     Better Mental Health

    Break negative patterns

        Strengthen your bond

        Make decisions together

           Growth & Security

          Deeper intimacy

              Closeness like never before

              Experience new love levels

                More Client Love

                Pay in Full & Save or Pay Monthly

                Monthly Investment $79

                Billed Once Per Month

                (renews same day every month)

                Annual Investment $790

                (2 Months Free)

                Billed Once Per Year

                (renews annually)

                Frequently Asked Questions 


                Who should become a member of the academy?

                The academy is focused on relationships. Yes our goal is build healthy couples. However, we understand that no matter if you're in a relationship or not you need the skills in order to have a healthy relationship now or in the future. So if you're serious about personal development and becoming a better person so that you can be a better partner then you can feel confident in joining the academy.

                The problems in my marriage feel so big and I’m worried that others in the group will judge me.

                We prioritize and value creating a judgement-free confidential zone which is why everyone signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon joining the membership. In order to make you feel safe to share your feelings and challenges without having to use a filter. The membership is about helping each other grow, and we all will learn from each other.

                You may think you're the only one going through this or it's unique to you but your peers in the program may be experiencing the same thing or something very similar. We don't accept perfect people we all have areas of improvement.

                Can I join the membership and participate by myself if my partner isn't ready?

                Absolutely.. You can influence your spouse by applying the things you learn and gain in the membership. They will notice the difference in you and can join you at any time throughout your membership. Sometimes you have to be the Jordan, Steph Curry, or Lebron James of your marriage and lead your team to a victory. Someone has to step up on the team and have the skills needed to bring the WIN! Lead the way be the MVP!

                How much time do I need to invest in this membership?

                Our bi-weekly live coaching calls last for 1-1.5 hours and monthly masterclasses are 1 hour. Quarterly date nights are once every 3 months for approx. 2 hours. The separate roundtable circles are once a month. We record everything and have it uploaded to the membership video library. So the time you invest is up to you. You will have access to everything recorded. 

                If you aren't enjoying your marriage 

                you aren't doing it right!

                - The Tinsley's