An Incredible Marriage is possible when you use our

Our workshop is designed using our framework for lasting love: 

Building Bridges to Forever 

Get clear on the negative conflict cycles that leave you both feeling disconnected. Receive strategies to tune in to each other in a way that build lasting emotional connection.  

Enhance emotional connection through specific conversations that will promote and foster physical intimacy to experience a bond like never before. 

Gain strategies to nurture your relationship daily with affection and ways to express your love through small, thoughtful gestures.

Interested in learning how to apply this framework to your marriage? 

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What's Covered in Workshop:

💛 How to limit and recognize your conflict cycle to stop killing your connection

💛 Strategies to bring you closer to strengthen your relationship 

💛 New ways to bond that will promote more intimacy 

💛 Ways to communicate that allows you to get to the heart of the matter

💛 How to express your deep emotions to say what you're really feeling

💛 Learn the logic of love in order to have a lasting relationship 

💛 How to become more accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged with each other

The Workshop Benefits:

  • Facilitator who is also a relationship development coach & therapist, married for 25+ years 
  • Interactive, informative, and energized presentation 
  • Meaningful exercises/activities to deepen your understanding
  • 2 follow up group check ins to see how implementation is going and receive support 
  • Discounted coaching session  *additional fee* 
  • Safe supportive environment to be your authentic self
  • Dedicated time to focus on your relationship with no distractions 
  • All printed materials & supplies  
  • Refreshments provided

How do I know if this workshop is for me?

This Workshop is For You if:

❇️ You're ready to have a deeper emotional connection

❇️You're ready to see lasting change and results

❇️ You're ready to feel like you matter in your marriage

❇️ You want to feel like teammates not opponents

❇️ You want support from a knowledgeable professional

❇️ You're tired of feeling unheard in your relationship

❇️ You're tired of feeling disconnected 

❇️ You want to move your relationship from shaky ground

❇️ You want to have greater harmony in your relationship

❇️ You're ready to build a lasting love to withstand hard times

❇️ You're ready to experience an emotional bond like never before

This Workshop is Not For You if:

You're NOT in a committed relationship

❇️ You're marriage is perfect & have all the answers 

❇️ You're ok with the way you handle disagreements now

❇️ You want to keep repeating the same conflict cycles

❇️ You would rather keep avoiding the issues

❇️ You're not open to change and new ways of thinking

❇️ You have given up and not willing to put in the work

❇️ You're ok with feeling unheard and lonely 

❇️ You're fine with going through the motions with no results

❇️ You're not willing to invest your time and money in strengthening your relationship

Seats are limited, join the waitlist to be notified of  next workshop!

You can either spend hours in therapy and spend thousands of dollars or spend 4 hours in our workshop that will save you time and money! 

Got Questions? We Have Answers...

What should I expect at the workshop?  

During the workshop we provide an engaging environment where we do an activity or exercise to apply the information learned immediately after.  You can expect to feel challenged, have fun, learn new strategies and tools to feel more connected and equipped to deepen your emotional connection.  

The problems in my marriage feel so big and I’m worried that others in the workshop will judge me.

We prioritize and value creating a judgement-free confidential zone which is why everyone takes the workshop pledge in the beginning in order to make you feel safe to share your feelings and challenges without having to use a filter. 

You may think you're the only one going through this or it's unique to you but your peers in the workshop may be experiencing the same thing or something very similar. We don't accept perfect people we all have room for growth! 

Can I join the workshop and participate by myself if my partner isn't ready?

Unfortunately, this is a couples workshop. We do believe you can influence your spouse by applying the things you learn and gain but this specific workshop is for couples. Feel free to join our free community and email list to receive tools to grow yourself that may inspire your spouse to grow themselves as well. 

How  long is the workshop? 

The workshop is 4 hours we provide an hour afterwards for couples to mingle and meet other couples who may have the same interest. 

What if we need to cancel after payment has been made? 

Your workshop registration fee is non-refundable. If you can't make the workshop the day of the workshop we will allow you to choose a future workshop date. The registration can be transferred to another couple if you provide their email addresses and names. 

I have more questions, who do I contact? 

You can send an email to or send a message via inbox on Facebook or Instagram @loveminuslimitsllc.