An Incredible Marriage is possible when you use our

Master Your Marriage with Better

Clarity is the bridge that reveals the hidden patterns in your marriage. You will be able to identify harmful patterns, receive actionable steps to break free and foster a healthier, more connected relationship. 

Communication is the bridge that spans every aspect of your marriage. You will be equipped with practical tools and insights to communicate effectively, express needs, and navigate challenging conversations with empathy and understanding. 

Commitment is the bridge where you're intentionally investing in your marriage. Foster a sense of dedication, resilience, and appreciation for the journey you're on together.

Using our Building Bridges to Forever Framework, you will feel less frustrated and more fulfilled! 

What's Included In Membership:

Master Your Marriage Member Starter Pack

A thoughtfully assembled package mailed to you that includes:

  • Personalized welcome letter 
  • MMA membership BLACK card 
  • 2 promise bands 
  • Why I Love You Cards
  • Exclusive Membership Pen

Monthly Workshops

Join us each month virtually for enriching workshops that are created based on our framework "Building Bridges to Lasting Love". Each month we will explore a theme to build your bond and secure relationship. They are recorded and replays are uploaded to portal.

Digital Resource Library 

This is the Connection Hub! Access empowering self-paced tools, guides, eBooks, checklists, pre-recorded teachings and more resources necessary to have a thriving marriage.

Virtual Date Night

Fun and engaging virtual date night where the MMA community comes together to connect and enjoy time with your boo.

    Community Challenges

    Each month's challenge will be an extension of the workshop to apply the strategies and tools shared during workshop.

    VIP Priority + discounts

    15% discount on events + LML shop

    VIP priority seating & tickets

    Priority registration for retreat 

    Quarterly Magazine

    Member only magazine filled with all things LOVE, travel, date night ideas, local and national events. This magazine will be a go to for couples seeking ideas of things to do! 

    Community Meet Ups

    Get to know the other couples in the community with our virtual or in person meet ups. We will come together to have fun, conversations and REAL TALK about relationships and marriage! 

    Is Membership for Us?

    It is For You if:

    ❇️ You're ready to have a deeper emotional bond

    ❇️You're ready to see lasting change and results

    ❇️ You're ready to feel like you matter in your marriage

    ❇️ You want to feel like teammates not opponents

    ❇️ You want support from a knowledgeable professional

    ❇️ You want to stop the negative cycles 

    ❇️ You're tired of feeling alone and frustrated

    ❇️ You want to move your relationship from shaky ground

    ❇️ You want to feel like you're on the same page

    ❇️ You're ready to understand yourself and your spouse better 

    ❇️ You're ready to experience the joy of a secure marriage that feels good

    It is Not For You if:

    You're NOT in a committed relationship

    ❇️ You're marriage is perfect & challenges don't arise 

    ❇️ You're ok with the way you handle disagreements now

    ❇️ You want to keep repeating the same negative cycles

    ❇️ You would rather do nothing than seek guidance 

    ❇️ You're not open to change and new ways of thinking

    ❇️ You have given up and not willing to do the work 

    ❇️ You're ok with feeling unheard and lonely 

    ❇️ You have no problem with feeling alone and frustrated 

    ❇️ You're not willing to invest your time and money in strengthening your relationship

    ❇️ You would rather keep waiting for things to get better 

     Monthly Membership  $27

    Billed same day every month 

    Automatically deducted

    Annual Membership  $270

    Receive 2 Months Free

     Automatically deducted annually

    Got Questions? We Have Answers...

    What should I expect from the membership?

    Membership was designed to provide an engaging environment to have fun, learn new strategies and tools to feel more connected and equipped to deepen your emotional connection to maintain a secure relationship bond. 

    You can expect to grow as an individual and as a couple to have better emotional insight into what's going on in your relationship, speak the language to resolve conflict, and understand how to keep it going for lasting change and connection! 

    The problems in my marriage feel so big and I’m worried that others in the workshop will judge me.

    We prioritize and value creating a judgement-free confidential zone which is why everyone takes the community pledge upon joining in order to make you feel safe to share your feelings and challenges without having to use a filter. 

    You may think you're the only one going through this or it's unique to you but your peers in the community may be experiencing the same thing or something very similar. We don't accept perfect people we all have room for growth! 

    Can I join the membership and participate by myself if my partner isn't ready?

    Yes, you can join the membership by yourself. We do believe you can influence your spouse by applying the things you learn and gain. Someone has to be the MVP for your relationship and if that has to be you. Join us! 

    You will receive tools and resources to breathe new life in your relationship. Take the tools and resources you're learning back to your spouse and implement with them. Where else are you getting tools and resources to build your secure relationship? Chances are if they don't want to participate in membership with you they aren't interested in going to couples counseling or therapy either. 

    How does membership work?

    Once you join our membership community, check your email for a welcome email. It will include your login information to the membership portal. You will also receive a membership starter pack in the mail after joining to provide you with a playbook to get the most success out of your membership.

    What if we are not satisfied with membership? 

    Membership fees are NOT REFUNDABLE however you can cancel at anytime. We are confident in the resources and value we provide in the membership so if at anytime you aren't happy we'd love to hear why in hopes to improve your experience. 

    I have more questions, who do I contact? 

    You can send an email to or send a message via inbox on Facebook or Instagram @loveminuslimitsllc.