An Incredible Marriage is possible when you use our

 Master Your Marriage Blueprint™️

Step I-Boost your Marital Bond

Discover the 7 strategies every marriage MUST have to build or maintain a solid and strong foundation.

Step II- Makeover For Your Marriage Mindset

Shift your mindset to push pass your feelings to increase self awareness and experience deeper love.

Step III.- Take Charge of Your Marriage Moods

Own Your ISH and take charge of your emotions to recognize, understand, and express what you want and wish from your spouse.

Step I- Kiss The Lazy Loving Goodbye

Identify areas you need to fuel the FLAME to keep LOVE lit in order to deepen your connection.

Step II-Bring that Old Flame Black

Discover the secret sauce to keep your marriage filled with excitement to have the honeymoon feeling forever!

Step III- Create the Keys to Keep Marriage Soaring

Create and maintain the blueprint to do LIFE TOGETHER that feels GOOD and has direction.

Step I- Get Creative on Solving Conflict

Solve conflict like teammates not opponents while developing new habits to strengthen your bond.

Step II- Quit Killing The Connection

Explore solutions to turn things around using practical solutions to reset negative cycles of surviving to thrive.

Step III- Choose Connection Over Chaos

Use proven and practical strategies to talk more and argue less.

Membership Perks:

 Master Your Marriage Blueprint™️ 

  • Monthly Masterclass using our 3 phase framework taught via ZOOM & recorded 

Tools To Enhance Your Marriage

  • New digital resource monthly 
  • Digital Download Library access

Early Access + discounts

  • Black Love Marriage Forum
  • Annual Couples Getaway 
  • Weekend Intensive Workshops 

Monthly Masterclass

Using our Master Your Marriage Blueprint™️ we teach relatable and practical lessons via ZOOM to strengthen your connection with your spouse.  3rd Thursdays at 8:30pm

24/7 Access to Membership Site: 

Masterclass replays & worksheets 

Digital Download Library (eBooks, date night ideas, convo starters, challenges & much more)

New Digital Resource Monthly 

Each month a resource will be available to help you enhance your marriage in simple yet effective ways. 

Early Access to Offers + Discounts 

Receive information before the public for our online and in-person events plus special discounts

* Black Marriage Forum

* Annual Couples Getaway 

* Weekend Intensive Workshops 

MEMBERS ONLY Private Community 

Join a community of FUN, LIKE MINDED couples who are growing and strengthening their  connection while getting to know other couples, growing and having FUN! 

Total Academy Valued at over $3000

Is Marriage Masters Membership For You? 

Marriage Masters Academy is For You If:

❇️ You're married and ready for a deeper connection

 ❇️You're ready to see lasting change and results

❇️ You're ready to feel like you matter in your marriage

❇️ You want to work together as teammates not opponents

❇️ You want support from a fun community of couples

❇️ You're tired of feeling like marriage isn't for you 

❇️ You're no longer interested in being a lazy lover

❇️ You want inspiration from a couple w/20+ years exp.

❇️ You're ready to say bye to confusion & chaos

❇️ You're ready to keep the sparks LIT in your marriage

❇️ You're ready to master what it takes to enjoy your marriage

Marriage Masters Academy is Not For You If:

❇️ You're NOT married or in a committed relationship

❇️ You're marriage is perfect & You KNOW IT ALL 

❇️ You're ok with no emotional connection with your spouse

❇️ You don't want healthy communication strategies

❇️ Being in a positive couples community isn't for you

❇️ You're not open to change & ok with being a lazy lover

❇️ You're contemplating divorce or have given up 

❇️ You're looking for a quick fix to a better marriage 

❇️ You're complacent and staying in your comfort zone

❇️ You're not willing to invest your time or be intentional about doing the work to grow your marriage

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(for less than a cup of Starbucks a day and definitely less than a divorce)

Monthly Membership $27/month

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Annual Membership $270/year

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Got Questions? We Have Answers...

Who should become a member of the academy?

The academy is focused on marriage development. If you're married and ready to transform your marriage to feel that honeymoon phase feeling and enjoy your marriage with your boo then this is the place for you! 

The problems in my marriage feel so big and I’m worried that others in the group will judge me.

We prioritize and value creating a judgement-free confidential zone which is why everyone signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon joining the membership. In order to make you feel safe to share your feelings and challenges without having to use a filter. The membership is about helping each other grow, and we all will learn from each other.

You may think you're the only one going through this or it's unique to you but your peers in the program may be experiencing the same thing or something very similar. We don't accept perfect people we all have areas of improvement.

Can I join the membership and participate by myself if my partner isn't ready?

Absolutely.. You can influence your spouse by applying the things you learn and gain in the membership. They will notice the difference in you and can join you at any time throughout your membership. Sometimes you have to be the Jordan, Steph Curry, or Lebron James of your marriage and lead your team to a victory. Someone has to step up on the team and have the skills needed to bring the WIN! Lead the way be the MVP!

How much time do I need to invest in this membership?

On average a couple hours a month. We record everything and have it uploaded to the membership video library. So the time you invest is up to you. You will have 24/7 access to the membership portal. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel your membership at anytime by cancelling in the membership portal or emailing us via

I have more questions, what do I do? 

You can send an email to or send a message via inbox on Facebook or Instagram @loveminuslimitsllc.